Dissolution Technologies – August 2017


August 2017 volume 24 issue 3

Special Edition of Review Articles

Dissolution of Gelatin Capsules: Evidence and Confirmation of Cross-Linking

Cross-linking is a common problem in the dissolution of gelatin capsules. Cross-linking is characterized by a bridge across the peptide backbone of the gelatin molecule which creates water insoluble membranes or pellicles during dissolution testing….Read More

Characterization and Simulation of Hydrodynamics in the Paddle, Basket and Flow-Through Dissolution Testing Apparatuses – A Review

Fluid velocity local to the dissolving surface will affect the dissolution rate. It is difficult to anticipate what local fluid velocities are present within compendial dissolution apparatuses from set flow rates or stirring rates….Read More

Physicochemical Properties of Buffers Used in Simulated Biological Fluids with Potential Application for In Vitro Dissolution Testing: A Mini-review

This literature review focuses on the physicochemical properties of buffers used in biorelevant media for in vitro dissolution testing. Because biorelevant dissolution systems have been previously reviewed, this review is primarily related to the buffers used in biorelevant media and not the media….Read More

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