About Us


International Pharmaceutical Academy (IPA) is a premier Canadian provider of science, technology, quality and regulatory information.  We facilitate training and skill development seminars, conferences, and expositions for the health care community including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, natural health products, medical marijuana and cosmetics. Our conferences, seminars and courses bring together key opinion leaders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, industry leaders and regulatory agencies to discuss the ever-changing regulatory and pharmaceutical landscape. The exchange of technical knowledge and expertise facilitates learning and assist learning, development and career advancement.

IPA has become known for its strength and ability to bring together a diverse group of technical experts and the ability to draw these experts from industry, government agencies, consultants, field professionals as well as academia. We offer short refresher programs, concise on-line webinar and annual industry update events in an efficient, cost effective way, to meet our clients’ needs.


Our Commitment; the Results

For over a decade, our commitment to providing quality service has made us “best in class” as rated by over 12,000 industry players from across the globe and from all professional levels. Our track record shows that IPA is one of the best quality professional training institutions in Canada and other regions we service.